About us

Architekt Daniel Kohler


The architectural office Kohler was founded in 1998. We cover all areas of architecture, but in recent years we have increasingly specialised in the renovation and construction of schools and youth facilities.

In doing so, we always pursue an interdisciplinary approach: our aim is to comprehensively take on board the concerns of the various parties involved and to develop them further together.

For example, we understand a school not only as a functional building, but first analyse the concerns of the pupils, teachers and educators, the requirements of the preservationists and, if applicable, the expectations of the (social) environment. On the other hand, we seek intensive cooperation with specialists, for example in the fields of acoustics, lighting and sustainability, and involve the decision-makers of the administrations involved at an early stage.

This "mediative” process sometimes requires more time and the willingness to approach projects with an open mind. However, it pays off because, planning errors are avoided, and the results are supported by all those involved. Not least for this reason, we always realise our projects within the agreed time and cost framework.