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Multi-family house in timber frame construction

This is a new construction of a multi-family house in timber frame construction in the west of Berlin, for a private client. The heterogeneous surroundings are characterised on the one hand by low-rise detached and semi-detached houses and on the other hand by single-storey commercial buildings lined up along the arterial road. The gabled, two-storey, square residential building mediates between the different urban typologies.

Three flats per floor are accessed via a staircase. All flats have a south-facing living area with a balcony, screened from the street. The house has no basement; strip foundations and ground floor slab will be concreted on site. All walls and ceilings are constructed from prefabricated timber frame or solid wood elements. The building services with a heat pump as heating and the storage rooms are located in the attic.

The façades consist of vertical, rear-ventilated wood lamella cladding made of Siberian larch; this will naturally turn grey over time.

ab 2022

Entwurfsplanung Mehrfamilienhaus Holzbau